this is so dumb of me...

new blog.
its a music slash photography blog.

since i have no ideas.

follow if you like
close the window or tab if you dont.



lovey dovey.
end of this crappy one.

oh well.



i think this is the last post on this one.

yeaaahhh well i've been sorta thinkin lately that i am bored writing about my "personal" life.
well,it's not that personal if i write it now.is it?
and uhmm i'm tired of hitting that backspace button every time i want to write something then i think its offensive blaah de blahh and blah.
and this blog is full witthh..anger.
desperation and confusion.
which i hate superr duppperr muchoss.
again,i have been thinking.
and whatever you say,hatever you think this may sound kinda stupid and lame.

making a point.
people have fashion blogs.
food and drink blogs --> credits to a friend of mine, Dania with her blog hunger and thirst.
go green blogs --> Hank Green for ecogreen.com

why don't i have a music slash movie slash book slash photography slash art blog????

wanna know the reason?

it's all i know.
my oxygen.
what i eat drink sleep with all day long.
basically,and literally,my whole damn crappy life.

whatever crappy and evil minds you are all having now,i'm pretty sure you think "ngapain sih ni anak satu najis ngapain buat blog macem2 iuuuhh najis lalalalala" and all that nonsense.
you do not control me.
you live only once.
you only have one life.
why not as well enjoy it?
have fun.do whatever you think it is the right step.

like my tutor today om paulus.
(i'm pretty sure y'all know who he is....)
he was playing poker n fb.
and he didn't follow what his heart tell him to do.
guess what.
he lost the friggin game.

i'm closing up.

no more tears from me.
no more "emo" stuff from that other blog that i am gonna make.
and i accidentally forgot my email password.
so make sure you all add me on my new email which is on fb
but i am not losing this line.

and you wont miss it.
peace love and grooviness

for the 70th time.on this blog

valerie d.


super awesome.

this month some(a lot of) people from youtube decided to do VEDA --> Vlog Every Day April
and some people decided to do BEDA --> Blog Every Day April.
and sheeesshh i have no idea how they do those stuff.
it's called commitment val.commitment.
got back from jogja last week and went straight to Macau at night.
it was exiting.
sort of.
walked a lot.talked a lot.eat a lot.

and my computer just restarted it self.
changed the cpu and the keyboard and this all sucks.
i hate it when this computer crashes.
to 9th graders happy ujian ujian.
to 8th graders.happy autism.
to 7th graders.errr nothing to say.

i have the worst stomach flu.
oh my my my cant stop puking screaming laughing and coughing.
i know you are famous rich popular and all that but wy do you have to mess up my day every single time you show up????
and for you people out there probably over a rainstorm,i bet you broken up to pieces,well i know you are not like peas in a pod anymore,i just dont get the way y'all think.
my tutor aswell.

gonna take pictures now.
of my cats.
and paint.
and stuff.

peace love grooviness and dftba,
valerie d


pete wentz is like a parasite.

he did nothing.
but say "p-p-plug it in!" and "Thats right"
and i used to like this guy
my god.

counting days.

yesterday was hard.for me.
twas April 1st.
oh five.
so this post is sort of dedicated to my grandpa,cause yesterday was 4 years after he passed on.
i have no pictures of him in this computer nor in my laptop.
but i stick his picture holding me @ my 3rd birthday.
Yes he passed away on april fools day.
and my cousins and i thought oh our parents in singapore must be joking.but that joke is just too weird,cause our parents called with tears.with regret.with no intention of making us crying but,well,whatwould you do if your somehow your father figure suddenly passed away and i can't even say goodbye?
it was a week after i got back from singapore.
3 days before he passed away,my mom and siblings went back to singapore to stay with my grandma.
and on the day he passed away,on the radio,(my mom told us) they played this really sad song.
the choir played it at his funeral.
and of course,we all cry.
he was in the news paper for 3 days.
people really loved him i suppose,he was a really fun and loving guy.not to mention he is really funny and handsome in his days.
and he also has the coziest room in the house.
and the only person that would take me to lunches everywhere and everyday.
favourite meal,triple cheese hotdogs from dairy queen and he would have a triple chocolate sunday(the one with cashews.and he'll ask for extra.he lovesss peanuts.)and i'll have the oreo blizzard.
i miss those times opa.
and wishing you were here again.

peace love and grooviness
valerie d


fart fart fart gasssssssssssssss.

so okay.
my mouth feels like on fire :(
in a bad way.

but mainly it is the mixture of jealousy,and oh God hate.
why does this happen to me every year.

mid term tests.
oh emmm geeezzzz

and err killmelondon gw ngerasa bgt ya itu ngmgin gw -_- maap deehhh maap maap

i was really noisy at band practice while killmelondon was tuning her guitar.sorry.
and i have no idea why but.
ohh May oh May please come soon and bring GREAT news.

i miss seattle.
i miss san fran.
i miss berkeley.

mostly i miss seattle.

the power lines went out a few hours ago.
and haha the lights went out while i was playing candles-hey monday ahaha
and i was punishing myself by laughing.
:( bweeeeeeee
and i took pictures of candles.
there were tons and tons of candles around the house.

and well,i just love it when it gets dark and gloooooooomy and full with candles.

checking out youtube! ;P

i'm laughing but i just can't smile
and i am certainly not doing THAT again.
the worse thing that i have ever done.

my mom is somehow funky.i love you.smooooccchhhh.

yayy Barrack Obama

peace love grooviness and dftba

valerie d